since 1955
Constructing trousers
GTA has been making sartorial trousers since 1955. We've been doing so with the passion and meticulousness that often characterize those who do this job, with discretion and patience, for a long time - such a long time that our garments have an INIMITABLE identity, sculpted from the brand's own past, the archive, which should be considered a sort of ‘Private GTA Reserve’. Modern trousers came into being between the walls of this company over 25 years ago, far from the noise of promotional and commercial declarations - a fact that we’re acutely aware of.
A passion for details and meticulous focus during the entire trouser construction process constitute the brand's defining identity.

Recently, GTA has undertaken a new journey with the goal of OPENING UP and sharing its story, allowing the values that have been passed down over time to come to the fore. That story is defined by challenges, successes, and the hard-working people who have enhanced (and continue to enhance) the sartorial traditions of GTA, bringing modern aesthetics to trousers.

GTA trousers are unique. They have been and continue to be a sort of ‘mother dough’ for present-day trousers. These aren’t just words, they're facts. Tangible facts. Which is why each model has a GTA name and surname. Like Giorgio, the first sartorial joggers, created in 2008. Or Byron, the first cropped leg trousers with a tab at the waist extending to the second belt loop, accenting the waistline, launched in 2010. Or Lorenzo, the perfect pair of trousers to ride a motorcycle or bicycle, thanks to the front pocket, freeing the rear pockets of wallets and cell phones. Or the Ghurka, updated in a now-distant 2003.
GTA: our ideas are in your hands. And we’re proud of that.
Style code
The DNA of GTA is embodied in a symbol that we call the ‘Bifora’. It is inspired by the biforate windows (bifora in Italian) that decorate the façade of one of Venice’s most famous historic buildings.
It’s a direct reference to our heritage, to the place where we grew up and where we learned the art of trouser construction.
GTA is a brand that guarantees excellence in trouser construction, the seal of style defined by essential, modern yet classic beauty. A mix of tradition and innovation.
Prong keeper
YEAR 1999
Our ideas are in the hands of all
Over the years, the sartorial knowledge of the GTA brand has produced effective testimony to its manufacturing capacities.
Folded waistband with a notch
YEAR 1998
Metal hook
YEAR 2002
Slender jetted pocket
YEAR 1998
From our heritage to a lesson for the future
GTA trousers are garments with a story to tell
A brand with an important past, one that always has looked towards the future while establishing new aesthetic symbols. A path to construct a new international style, while leveraging the values handed down over time. A concrete past that exalts sartorial traditions and relaunches looks in a modern key.
Rapidly-changing international markets present daily challenges
Rapidly-changing international markets present daily challenges, which must be embraced and made one's own. To be successful, one must listen to others and be open to new ideas. We are. GTA products are sold by a close circle of select retailers, so as to ensure the right shopping experience thanks to the professionalism and skill of those involved. Our products are found in the main European markets and in Japan and Korea. We’re ambitious, and are working to bring our wonderful garments to additional countries around the globe. With enthusiasm and passion.
Design stories
A future that goes beyond expectations
GTA has been manufacturing sartorial trousers since 1955. Our passion for detail and the care we put into every step in the process are fundamental parts of the company's DNA. Today, new technology is combined with rock-solid skills handed down by our tailors when crafting the perfect pair of trousers.
Nepal 1940
To meet the specific needs of countries in the Far East, in 2003, GTA added the GHURKA trousers to its collection, the first, most original garment of its kind. The shape was inspired by a uniform worn by elite Nepali soldiers in the early 1900s called a ‘Gurkha’. The garment is known for its comfort, enhanced by the double reverse pleats on the front and a double-belt fastening. Available in three versions (normal, cargo and shorts), this look is defined by an exclusive, elegant image that is immediately recognizable. A new, sophisticated, elegant frontier, sealed by details that embellish the garment.
10 years of evolution
Once again, GTA has been a pioneer in the trouser industry. In 2008, it created the first pair of sartorial joggers, combining the requirements of a sartorial garment with the dynamism of joggers, creating an unprecedented product that our customers appreciate to this day. Through the use of stretch fabric and jersey, the resulting joggers are quintessential examples of fine tailoring, appreciated by three generations of consumers. Try the appeal of the world's most sophisticated leisure wear.