• GTA Trousers

    Our best subjects: man, research, quality and customisation. After a 61-year-long journey in the history of highly sartorial trousers, today we introduce you to our world.

    We have known how to make trousers since 1955.
    We believe in our work, in details, in the strength of materials and in beauty.
    It is not the time to stand by and watch.
    The variable energy of Beauty reinvents itself every day to let us tend towards the future.
    For the man who choses the high road.

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  • An homage to the past

    Our journey starts in Padua on some tailoring benches, among Tognolo brothers’ chalks, scissors and tape measures.

    The Tornolo brothers are the creative and passionate protagonists who, thanks to their style, contributed to trace the history of Italian trousers.

    GTA trousers have always been a precious and personal item of clothing, having a story to tell made of territoriality, pride and knowledge in the active and proactive Veneto region, where the textile world has traced an important economic course for the development of Italian economics.

  • A new journey

    Today, GTA is a modern brand for its research and contents, starting with the carefully chosen materials without giving up on their refinement and wealth of details.

    GTA expresses its unmistakable style in the international market, by connecting its strong points to the male conception.

    The speed of the markets and the offers is a great challenge, without twisting its sartorial soul and by taking cues and inspiration with the aim of reinforcing a recognisable lifestyle to be exported throughout the world.

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  • GTA:
    A story that continues to shape history

    GTA is a BRAND combining its roots to a new entrepreneurial force and strongly believing in this project. It has a vision open to an international development.

    A transformation that allows the company to grow and expand in many markets in order to communicate its value, with ever-more innovative collections to give trousers the role of a protagonist that lives in its time.

    Today, the contribution of the various industrial skills do not only support the product, but the whole corporate structure.

    A formula that renovates development, interaction and enhancement through a transformation that frees the creativity of the style and allows us to accomplish a feat.

  • The path to sustainability

    The path of sustainability at the last passage of its production chain.

    We pay great attention to sustainability, starting with the fabrics with the ongoing controls on composition, washing and dyeing. A passage that guarantees the client the compliance with the safety requirements for trousers.

    Each bolt of fabric and accessory is certified as regards the quality of yarns.


    Respect for well-being

    The respect for the well-being of all GTA workers is at the base of all processes used by the company, also for its foreign production.

    The research of sartorial perfection, combined to our respect for the purchase is the value guiding every choice at GTA.

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  • A pair of GTA trousers
    in the luggage
    is a precise choice

    GTA collections are created from the careful observation of the markets.

    Each pair of trousers strictly reflects the personality of the man wearing it. For this reason, the collections are presented as “travel suitcases”.

    Each one of them contains in its tailoring and wearability a personal interpretation of the item of clothing and its fabrics.

    Each item of clothing represents a precise choice for the man who knows his journey.